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      Customer Service: 512-203-4367 or info@chipsemi.com
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      Chip Semiconductor offers Advanced Energy 3152343-101B, AE 3152343-101B, Applied Materials 0190-21855, MDX-L Halo DC Power supply, 3152343-101B, 0190-21855, Advanced Energy, Applied Materials, AMAT 0190-21855, MDX Halo
         12400 West Highway 71, Suite 350-138   Austin,   Texas    78738
      Specialty Wafer Evaluation and Processing

      Semiconductor Equipment (Front-end) Resale, Inspection, and Valuation
      KLA-Tencor Parts Exchange

      Our customers are striving to continually reduce costs. We found that the largest cost to fabs was downtime, especially when a major part or assembly fails. As a result of our customer requests, we made a significant investment in equipment and staff to support our customers. Legacy equipment from some of the major OEMs are being supported on a best-effort basis by the OEM. We're filling in the gap by keeping entire tools ready to support hard-down situations.

      We have the following "golden" tools powered up and fully tested in our cleanroom:

    1. KLA-TENCOR 6100
    2. KLA-TENCOR 6220
    3. KLA-TENCOR 7700
    4. KLA-TENCOR 7700M
    5. KLA-TENCOR 7700M
    8. We continually replenish the parts on these tools as the components are sold to customers.